Full Circle Trademarks is unique, providing you with large law firm strengths with unheard of costs and speed.

  1. FullCircleTrademark is solely trademark-centric. From researching the validity of a mark, marketability of a mark, filing a mark, maintaining a trademark and defending your valuable trademark, FullCircleTrademark has the expertise and dedicated staff to fully create and manage your single trademark or entire trademark portfolio.
  2. FullCircleTrademark is attorney-based. Our attorneys carefully review each potential trademark prior to filing and carefully evaluate the best means to protect your mark in this highly competitive global marketplace.
  3. Unlike other services we ARE a law firm. We ARE attorneys. We make your intellectually property creation and management simple, fast, and most importantly, cost-effective.
  4. We take pride in the quality of our work, not just speed. Others promise four hour, five hour, and six hour turn around times. Do you really want your valuable intellectual property evaluated on a speed basis as opposed to a quality basis? While we are fast, we will not and can not promise immediate turn around times.
  5. Our trademark experts will aggressively work to protect your trademarks when competition arises.
  6. Remember filing a trademark is only the first step to obtaining protection of your mark. The remaining steps can be complicated, time-consuming, and confusing. FullCirctleTrademarks can eliminate all of these concerns so you can focus on your business or any other ventures associates with your trademark.

Recently a slew of self-directed trademark filing services, have popped up. These services promise fast turn around time and less cost. However, there is no foregiveness in intellectual property law for mistakes. You could loose your mark, and most importantly loose your business. Here are some differences between a self-directed filing service and FullCircleTrademarks:

Individualized Service Fast Service Thoroughly checked and researched opinions Cost Tailored Protection Services Headache free Comprehensive Protection Schema Attorney Handled from Day 1
FullCircleTM.com Low Flat Rate Plans Available
Traditional Law Firm
At a cost
  High to Very High
Communication may be slow

High Cost

Some law firms utilize paralegal and law clerks frequently
Self-Help Website   Depends on User    Low        
Volume Trademark Attorney Websites
Take a number

How much comprehensive review can be performed in minutes?
Low to Medium  
Minimal initial preparation, the strength of your mark maybe tested
Volume sites utilize paralegal and law clerks frequently