Only a federally registered trademark or service mark affords the holder of the mark:

  1. Nationwide infringement protection.
  2. Provides constrictive notice to others of your ownership of the trademark or service mark.
  3. Allows the holder of the mark to sue in federal court for infringing uses.
  4. Protects against counterfeiting.
  5. Establishes a legal presumption that the holder of the mark possesses the right to exclusively use the mark in connection with the registered good or service.
  6. Use ones Federal registration as the basis for foreign registration.
  7. Prevent the importation of infringing foreign goods.
  8. Provides incontestability after five years.
  9. Use the ® symbol.

Federal registration also allows you to use the ® (the “Circle-R”) symbol. Any time you claim rights in a trademark, you may use the ™ (trademark) or ℠ (service mark) symbol to alert the public to your claim, regardless of whether you have filed an application with the USPTO. However, you can only use the federal registration symbol ® after the USPTO has actually registered the trademark, not without an application or while an application is pending. Following registration, you can only use the ® symbol on or in connection with the goods and/or services listed in the federal trademark registration.